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About Paramount Training Solutions Ltd

Paramount Training Solutions was set up to help businesses of all sizes be more productive.  Staff are often left to their own devices and we’ve heard horror stories of new staff being told “there is your computer over there, just get on with it”.  On their first day no less!

Something is only easy if you know how to do it. Speaking personally, we are completely rubbish at practical things around the home.  Putting up shelves would be totally beyond us, and we have been known to paint over the dust on skirting boards when decorating.  Oh wait – did we say that out loud?  Anyway, we digress….

So our philosophy is about giving people the confidence to ‘have a go’ without fear of breaking their computer and risking having John in IT come and shout at them for deleting an Excel formula for the 8th time this week.  In the classroom we encourage people to get their hands dirty, explaining why things work as they do and how to use what they've learned to solve problems. 

An example is a VLOOKUP formula (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). People can often copy someone else’s formula and get it to work, but they have no real idea as to WHY it works.  After a session with us, people tell us that they ‘get it now’ and they can create their own with confidence.

The other big thing we love is saving people time.  To be honest people are often VERY angry leaving our training sessions.  Sessions where they have learned that they could have spent 10 minutes tidying up masses of slightly incorrect data instead of 2 full days of doing it all manually.  Yes, that is a real life example, the likes of which we sadly hear ALL the time.

So, at Paramount Training, we have experienced and well qualified trainers who will come to your workplace on a day to suit you and deliver just the course that your staff need.  Leave it all to us.  By the end, your staff will be eager to put their new or improved skills in to practice.


Adam Brown (Owner) - The Orchard Book Shop, Huddersfield

 I used your service to help me with my basic email organization and found the training very professional and your approach understanding. I can now organize my emails properly and would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance.