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headshotJoanne Redgrove is the founder of Paramount Training Solutions which was founded in 2007.  Having worked for many years designing and delivering skills and IT training packages for NatWest Bank, a software house and the NHS, she decided it was time to go it alone and the idea of Paramount Training came about.  People often ask where the name came from to which the answer is simply that training is literally ‘paramount’.  Training your staff should be more important than anything else, whereas in practice, staff are often left to work it out for themselves, so Joanne set out to change all that!  She liked the ‘solutions’ part of the company name as one size rarely fits all, and she places great emphasis on delivering the right solution for the staff and organisation in hand.  Since 2007, Joanne has travelled the width and breadth of the UK, up to just north of Newcastle and Penrith, down to Peterborough and Hereford, Liverpool across to Hull.  Even Northern Ireland and Wales have had a visit.  And most places in between it feels!

She enjoys doing most of the hands-on training herself, that way she can ensure that her high standards and flexibility and patient style is adhered to.  She'll tell you her absolute favourite topic to teach is Excel and has jokingly considered creating a 'sad Excel users club' for likeminded people!

She has qualifications in IT – namely ECDL, advanced ECDL, and Microsoft Office exams galore, whilst the academic side has been addressed through a Certificate in Education, industry standard TAP accreditation, BA(Hons) in Education and Training and a MSc in e-learning and multimedia.

Despite the importance of qualifications, Joanne firmly believes that hands on teaching experience is critical and has come across most situations in the classroom, from reticent learners to people being sent on the wrong level of course, to individual agendas being brought to the classroom which clearly need to be addressed, whilst respecting everyone present.

Joanne has a burning passion for helping people learn and always says that there is no better feeling than when people leave the learning environment with new skills.  She also says that no course of hers will ever be boring – in fact much laughter can usually be heard coming from the training room!

Outside of work, Joanne has recently discovered ukulele and is officially addicted.  Her son is not impressed by this though – perhaps more practise required!  She loves going the cinema and eating out, with Italian and Chinese coming top of the favourites list.

Malcolm Pow, Utility Warehouse

I asked Joanne to help me with a spreadsheet to keep track of car mileage to help claim my expenses.  All I have to do now is preload the locations I visit and the miles to that location.  Now when I do the monthly mileage claims, I just enter the date and the location, and the mileage is automatically entered for me.  As I go through the month, the mileage is totalled and calculates how much I can claim back.  This is a great example of how Paramount can help businesses get the most from their software applications.  I think every business should invite Paramount in to have a look at their processes to see what can be automated and simplified.  Joanne is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and I strongly recommend her training solutions