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Microsoft training

Most people use Microsoft software solutions at some point in their working lives, so we can help you on various levels, creating training programs that can cover just one or many of the below.  Follow us on social media (see the icons at the top of this page) to get some brilliant time-saving tips.

Managers often say 'how do I know what training my staff need?'  If that is the case then we can find out for you using a training needs analysis form.  Ask us for a form at  No obligation of course!

We are Microsoft Certified Trainers and can therefore help all levels of Microsoft users from beginner to advanced in all versions – 2003, 2007, XP, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. If you have upgraded your version of Office and can’t find the things you used to use, then we can help.

One of the things our clients say they love about working with us, is that we work hard to ensure the content of a training session is dynamic on the day.  So if it turns out that delegates are missing some vital skills or knowledge, we can plug the gaps there and then.  No hassle.

MICROSOFT EXCEL - save time, take the hard work out of mundane, repetitive tasks, create brilliant graphs and charts to make a real impact. If you have to create reports or analyse shedloads of data, this is a must.

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT - powerfully get your message across to customers/suppliers using professional presentations – we teach you how to create amazing presentations from the simple weekly sales report to the high level pitch.  We can even help with overcoming nerves and critique your existing presentations - in a constructive way of course!

MICROSOFT PUBLISHER - create your own professional-looking newsletters/flyers/posters – don’t pay someone else to do it! Microsoft have a graphic design program that is simple to use, with just a few short tips and pointers from our trainers you will be able to create professional looking documents in a flash.

EMAIL (MICROSOFT OUTLOOK) - organise your inbox and use the calendar feature to make your day more efficient – email is a powerful tool we could not do without in today’s business world but without knowing how to get the best out of it or how to prioritise, then it can rule our lives – learn how to control Outlook and not let it control you.

MICROSOFT WORD - create more professional-looking letters, reports and tables and save time by using mail merge documents, add pictures and photos and get the best out of this great piece of software.  We can provide training for students too who generally have to check the word count, add references and a table of contents and there are some brilliant features which can help you do just that.

MICROSOFT PROJECT - keep on top of your projects whether big or small, manage your time, costs and resources with ease and efficiency – if you struggle with time management or never know exactly where you are with one project or another, you may already have this great software but don’t know how to use it to get the best out of your day.


Whether you have staff who are new to using a computer, lack confidence or simply want to improve – the training will be completely at their pace, in a friendly and supportive environment. From knowing how to turn on and turn off safely, how to save work and be able to find it again easily, to knowing how to navigate through the basic programs installed on the computer and getting the most out of the computer. We understand that everyone is different and we can offer a solution for your staff.

Internet Training

There is a world of information out there; some good some bad and knowing how to navigate the internet without wasting your whole day is extremely important in our productivity training. As well as finding what you want easily and quickly, learn how to save sites you visit often, send links to other people, change your home page as well as much more effective searching techniques that people generally just don't know about!

In-house software

If you, your business or industry use a specialist piece of software to track orders, stock or records or one that looks after your customer database, does your accounting or any other aspect of your business then you may have to spend a fortune training current staff or new starters, sending them on offsite courses. The alternative is that you get one of your staff to show the new starter the ropes, which can be stressful for both parties! This may also lead to inconsistencies in what new staff actually learn.

With our training solutions we already understand a lot of industry products and train for the NHS, Councils and numerous other industries. If we do not already train on the software you use, one of Paramount’s highly qualified trainers would learn your software and then teach what we have learned to your staff taking the stress out of training and with the added benefit of being able to train any size of group.


Andy Robinson (Customer Service Manager: Coveris, Spalding)

I have recently completed a one to one Powerpoint training course with Joanne and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone seeking to improve their Powerpoint knowledge and skills. ‘In advance of the training session, Joanne consulted me to identify the areas I needed help on.  These were all covered off thoroughly, along with several other areas not on my original wishlist that we picked up during the training. ‘Thanks to Joanne’s down to earth and patient approach, we covered a lot of ground in the two hour session and I now feel a lot more confident in my Powerpoint abilities.  Post-training I was supplied with a  training manual for future reference as well as a contact number to use if I get any queries I need help with.