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About Us

At Paramount Training, we have experienced and well qualified trainers who will come to your workplace on a day to suit you and deliver just the course that your staff need.  Leave it all to us.  By the end, your staff will be eager to put their new or improved skills in to practice.

Paramount Training Solutions was set up to help businesses of all sizes be more productive.  Staff are often left to their own devices and we’ve heard horror stories of new staff being told “there is your computer over there, just get on with it”.  On their first day no less!

So our philosophy is about giving people the confidence to ‘have a go’ without fear of breaking their computer and risking having John in IT come and shout at them for deleting an Excel formula for the 8th time this week.  In the classroom we encourage people to get their hands dirty, explaining why things work as they do and how to use what they've learned to solve problems. 

Joanne Redgrove

Having worked for many years designing and delivering skills and IT training packages for NatWest Bank, a software house and the NHS, Joanne decided it was time to go it alone and founded Paramount Training Solutions in 2007. 


People often ask where the name came from to which the answer is simply that training is literally ‘paramount’.  Training your staff should be more important than anything else, whereas in practice, staff are often left to work it out for themselves, so Joanne set out to change all that!  She liked the ‘solutions’ part of the company name as one size rarely fits all, and she places great emphasis on delivering the right solution for the staff and organisation in hand. 


Since 2007, Joanne has travelled the width and breadth of the UK, up to just north of Newcastle and Penrith, down to Peterborough and Hereford, Liverpool across to Hull.  Even Northern Ireland and Wales have had a visit.  And most places in between it feels!

Joanne Redgrove, Director and Lead Trainer of Paramount Training Solutions, experts in Microsoft Training, and bespoke software training
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