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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions, but if you have any specific queries, please get in touch.

  • How do I book a course?
    Send us an email to with an idea of what dates would work for you and then we can secure a suitable date. We will then ask you to complete and return a simple booking form to confirm the details.
  • What does it cost to have training delivered at my workplace?
    That depends on how many people attend the course. The minimum number is 1. We’d recommend a maximum of 10 people attend so that everyone is able to get what they need - please ask for a no obligation quote. If you have more than 10 then please chat to us about the options.
  • How/when do I pay?
    We will send an invoice once the training is complete. Our terms are 30 days and we accept payment via BACS.
  • How many people can be trained on one course?
    We can train between 1 and 10 people in one group. If you have more than that then it might be worth having two different sessions to accommodate everyone. We are happy to discuss the logistics of this with you.
  • What are your cancellation terms?
    For any training cancelled within 1 week of the course date, the amount will be charged in full. Cancellations within 2 weeks will incur a 50% fee.
  • Can you come to our workplace?
    We generally always deliver training courses at your workplace as it’s easier for you and your staff, minimises travel time, cost and hassle for staff. It also means that staff are still on site should they be required to return to their desk for any reason. Let us know if this is a problem.
  • Can we change the start/end times if these don't fit with our shift patterns?
    If there are specific times you would rather we work round then do let us know. We have started courses as early as 7am and as late as 3pm to accommodate delegates’ working days! Just let us know what is best for you.
  • Can we have 1:1 Training?
    Yes! We often train people one-to-one. This can be very effective as the delegate gets exactly what they want from the training and can drive the pace and contents forward in a way that is right for them. Often this is also the best way to allow us to focus on that individual's own documents in a very productive manner.
  • We want a bit of Word and a bit of Excel rather than two full day courses. Can we do that?
    We can customise a day’s course just for you, where we cover half a day on one topic and half a day on another for the same set of delegates. Or you might want a few half day courses so that more people can get the benefit. Let us know what you’d like and we’ll put something together for you.
  • What if I need to substitute people beforehand, or even on the day?"
    There’s no problem if you want to swap people. However, it’s always best if people attend the correct level of course for them though rather than attending an advanced course for example just because there is a spare seat
  • What if I don't know what level of course my staff need?
    We can help you with this - please have a chat with us. You can also download a training needs analysis form for each standard Microsoft course (see the Microsoft Training link at the top of the site) There is also a contents list for each topic so you can pick the areas you want to be covered. Please talk to us if you need any help.
  • What do we need to do before the course?
    We’d always recommend that each member of staff has their own computer to use for the course. If this is a problem then let us know as we do have a small number of laptops we can hire out to you. We will send you a course manual and sometimes some practice files which we will work on during the course (depends on the course). If you would like us to use any of your specific documents to practise on then please let us know. Try and ensure that people are available on time and for the duration of the day where possible (we know that work demands can get in the way though!). It is also helpful if staff know why they are attending and if their line manager can go through what is expected of them when they return
  • Does each member of staff attending require a computer?
    We will always recommend this. We have a small number of laptops which we can hire out to you for the day. Please ask for details.
  • What kind of room should we make available?
    It is best if we can use a room which is big enough for each delegate to have their own space to work in and for them not to be distracted by phone calls or non-attending colleagues. If you have a projector and flipchart then this will be helpful, but we can bring our own if need be.
  • We don't have a suitable room for training, what should we do?"
    If you would rather the training took place away from your normal workplace due to lack of space or just to avoid distractions, then we can deliver the training in an alternative location such as a nearby hotel or private function or meeting room. We ask for the cost of this to be covered by yourself.
  • What will happen on the day?
    Your trainer will generally arrive 30-60 minutes before the training to get set up. If you can ask the delegates to arrive in good time for the start (usually 9.30am) and then we’ll take it from there!
  • How long does the training last?
    Courses usually take one day, from 9.30 to 4pm with an hour break for lunch. We include time for a coffee break in the morning and afternoon too. If there are specific times you would rather we work round then do let us know. We have started courses as early as 7am and as late as 3pm to accommodate delegates’ working days! Just let us know what is best for you.
  • Can staff have a certificate?
    Yes, no problem! We will award these at the end of the course.
  • Will there be a manual/handout for staff to take away?
    We usually email a copy to the course organiser before the training and ask for it to be forwarded to the delegates beforehand. If delegates wish to print and bring a copy to write on then they can. We also recommend people take their own notes written in a way they can relate to.
  • Will it be like school? Some of our staff are very nervous about attending training?
    Some of our delegates do worry about this, especially if they haven’t undertaken any learning since school. The short answer is no! People are encouraged to ask questions as they think of them, ask for help and take time to understand and apply what they are learning. The trainer will be watching out for people needing any additional help or guidance throughout and we guarantee that no-one will ever be made to feel stupid. We even let people go to the toilet without putting their hand up!
  • Will there be a test/exam?
    Not usually! Although we do test knowledge throughout, in a very informal and fun way. However, if you would like us to test your staff for any reason, then let us know.
  • Will there be biscuits?
    We love biscuits, so the answer would have to be yes! We can provide these.
  • As a manager, can I observe all or part of the training?
    Yes, or course, that is not a problem! Just let us know beforehand if you can.
  • What if my staff have questions after the course?
    We are happy to take calls or emails from staff after the training, should they have issues with anything we’ve covered.
  • I've had a big fall out with my sister and she's in the wrong. How can I make things up with her?
    Oh. Not sure how this question ended up here..... Tell her you're sorry anyway. Buy her a botttle of fizz. That might do the trick. Not sure we were qualified to answer that.
  • What else do you do apart from classroom courses?
    Another approach to training is that you can give us a list of say half a dozen people who all need specific topics covering and then we spend a suitable amount of time with each person separately or in smaller groups looking at their issues. So for example Marie might need to learn how to do a mail-merge, John might need to get his head round Excel pivot tables and Jane and Frank together both need to learn Outlook as novice users. We can work with a number of delegates all on the same day, instead of each person attending a full day course and learning lots of things they didn’t really need. Let us know if you’d like to chat about how this would work in practice.
  • How can we tell what version of Microsoft Office we are using? Does it matter?
    Often the differences between versions are minimal and it won't make much difference to the training. However, for some software it can make a big difference. You can usually tell by looking within the software, under FILE and then ACCOUNT. Otherwise your IT department should be able to help. Let us know if you need any help.
  • What other topics can you provide training on?
    Our trainers are used to learning industry specific software and then designing a package to train users, so let us know what’s on your mind. We can also train some of your staff in 'training skills' so that they can carry out training delivery themselves if that works best for you.
  • What are the lottery numbers this week?
    Errrrrr…. we’ll get back to you on that one!
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