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Microsoft Training

Is your organisation guilty of expecting staff to amend an Excel spreadsheet or update a PowerPoint presentation with little training, or by learning from a frazzled colleague?

Do costly mistakes get made due to staff simply not having the knowledge or confidence to work with Microsoft products?

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Paramount Training Solutions Can Help

We offer training in all Microsoft 365 Products.

See our full range of courses below and download our Training Needs Analysis for each product if you need help working out where your staff skills need brushing up.

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Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets)

Training your staff to effectively use spreadsheet software will improve productivity and allow you to track data to inform your business processes.

Although there are three ‘off the shelf’ levels ie introduction, intermediate and advanced, we can provide a tailored approach at no extra cost where you decide the topics.  The beauty of having only YOUR staff on a course is that we can be completely flexible, rather than covering aspects that are simply not needed or useful to your staff or business.

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Microsoft Word (Documents)

Making your business documents look professional is easy when you know how to use Microsoft Word effectively. Let Paramount train your staff to create stunning documents.

As with Excel, there are three ‘off the shelf’ levels ie introduction, intermediate and advanced, but we can provide a tailored approach at no extra cost where you decide the topics. Simply download and complete the Training Needs Analysis and we'll create a course just for YOU.

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Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations)

From simple weekly sales reports to high-level branded pitches, we teach your staff how to create them all using PowerPoint.

The introduction level is best suited to staff who have little experience of PowerPoint, whereas the advanced level highlights lots of the clever features available. Staff may need to use a company-approved template in order to project a corporate image – we can show how to work with this effectively.  We can even help with overcoming nerves and critiquing existing presentations - in a constructive way of course!  

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Microsoft Outlook (Email)

Most people can send and reply to emails without breaking a sweat, but may not use rules, add template text, electronically invite colleagues to meetings and track attendance, or access colleagues’ Outlook accounts.

We don’t believe in teaching granny to suck eggs, so can dive straight in to the interesting stuff that means your staff will be more productive even quicker.  The largest number of emails we’ve ever seen in an inbox was 8912!  We will cover lots of tricks to avoid this becoming commonplace in your organisation.

Other Microsoft Products

As well as the most popular Microsoft programs above, we also offer training in other Microsoft 365 products such as OneNote, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as well as Microsoft Project Training.

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Microsoft Project (Project Management)

If your organisation runs any kind of project work then Microsoft Project is a much better way of managing it (versus Excel). 


We often find this software is self-taught, leading to all kinds of issues.  We will teach your staff how to keep on top of their projects whether big or small, manage their time, costs and resources with ease and efficiency. This really is specialist software so we tailor every course to help you get the most out of this program for your business.

Chris Gillespie, Development Manager
- Kirklees Council (Huddersfield)
We have used Paramount Training Solutions for prolonged periods of time on our generic IT systems and our bespoke software systems and have found you better value than others while maintaining a high level of service. You saved us from a crisis when our in-house resources became unavailable. You came to us on a recommendation and it was a pleasure working with you, also you delivered a high quality of service with little intervention required and I would recommend you without hesitation
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