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Basic Computer Skills

Whether you have staff who are new to using a computer, lack confidence or simply want to improve our courses move completely at their pace, in a friendly and supportive environment.

Perfect for manual staff moving into an office environment or workers who simply haven't used a computer for more than searching the internet.


Paramount Training Solutions are here to help

When it comes to computers, it is often easy to forget that not everyone has the same skills. That's why our Basic Computer Skills courses are the perfect way to create a common level for all new staff.

From knowing how to turn on and turn off safely, how to save work and be able to find it again easily, to knowing how to navigate through the basic programs installed and getting the most out of the computer.

Computer Keyboard

Basic Computer Skills Courses


We evaluate your current staff competency to know where to start.


Working 1:1 or in small groups, we start right at the very beginning and encourage staff to ask questions throughout their session.


We conduct post-training evaluation for all courses to check staff understanding and ensure that the skills learned are being implemented effectively in your business.

Karen Harbisher, Huddersfield
Having worked in Senior positions for a number of years I had always had the privilege of a good PA and team of people around me , so my IT skills were basic to say the least . I decided it was time to up skill but wanted one to one tuition rather than a course . I spoke to a number of providers and chose Joanne because she was the only one who personalised my programme by clearly identifying my knowledge gaps before we even started . She then managed the lessons around me and my needs . After 5 half day sessions I can’t believe how much better I am and how this new skill is transforming my working life . It was worth every penny and Joanne’s calm  professional bespoke approach made the learning a pleasure . I would not hesitate to recommend her.
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