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Get Started with Microsoft Excel

Training your staff to effectively use spreadsheet software will improve productivity and allow you to track data to inform your business processes.

Although there are three ‘off the shelf’ levels ie introduction, intermediate and advanced, we can provide a tailored approach at no extra cost where you decide the topics.  The beauty of having only YOUR staff on a course is that we can be completely flexible, rather than covering aspects that are simply not needed or useful to your staff or business.

Introduction to Excel

Our Introduction to Excel course is perfect for those who have never or rarely used Excel before.  You may be comfortable editing other people's spreadsheets but aren't sure where to begin creating your own. 

There are lots of tips and tricks at this level to make your job easier and more productive and save you time. We will build your confidence and demystify the beast!

Intermediate Excel

If you have already got to grips with the basics of Excel and can do some formulae, our Intermediate Excel course is for you! You may have experience with formulae but find that they often go wrong or that you end up with broken spreadsheets.

This course will help you build on what you know and make Excel work harder for you.  Including lots of tips and tricks to make your job easier and more productive.

Advanced Excel

Our Advanced Excel course is for those who already use Excel quite a lot, but would like to explore many of the advanced features.

There are lots more tips and tricks at this advanced level to make your job easier and more productive and save you time.

Find out more

Our get in touch to arrange a session for your team.

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