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Tasked with planning the office Christmas party?

Christmas season is almost upon us! Are you the (un)lucky person tasked with organising the office party?

If you pulled the short straw, you may be experiencing the madness that is keeping track of who is and isn't attending, what they want to eat, any allergies they have. and who knows what else!

We recently organised a sit down meal for 50-odd people (and by that we mean approximately 50, not that they were odd!). To make the job much easier, we designed a Microsoft Form and then sent everyone the link (you can send a QR code too). Everyone picked their menu choices which were collected by the form.

You can choose to be notified every time someone completes the form if you like too. The results can then be very quickly exported into Excel so you can send the list to the venue, or print it out for the tables (for the forgetful amongst us).

Job done. How much time would that save you? Could you do that?

Get in touch today for a bespoke training session on Microsoft Forms or Microsoft Excel to take the stress out of Christmas party planning!


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