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ATTENTION: Messy Data Ahead!

You know the thing.

Your colleagues aren’t quite as anal as you are about putting Capital Letters (!) and spaces in the same places as you would do. So, then you have to trawl through the data and overtype/correct everything that has been entered wrongly, which takes hours and hours because the data is hundreds or thousands of lines long.

Alternatively, you have lots of data which doesn’t really work for you; you have to split a column of names into two columns of containing first and surname so that you can sort by surname, or you have to put columns together to create data that will work for you.

You also might have a code where part of it denotes that this is a specific type of product, or customer, or account. In order to be able to use this data in a meaningful way, you have to do lots of changing the data manually to make it work for you.

It always amazes us that we spend many courses discussing these points and more, and are able to show our delegates how to correct this kind of data very quickly without having to spend hours doing it manually. We love spending OUR time teaching you how to save YOUR time!

Get in touch with us today to book a training session for you or your team.

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