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Did you know we do online training sessions as well as classroom training?

In these uncertain times, you and your staff may be unhappy to have strangers (we don't think we are all that strange on the Strange Scale however!) coming in to your company premises. Alternatively you may have staff based in different parts of the country and it would be a struggle to get everyone in the same place to attend a training session.

The solution is online training. Delivered via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, this means people can attend from the comfort of their own home or office. Don’t worry about the technical side, we can even have a very short ‘test’ session to show you how it works. Ideally staff will have a webcam and microphone so they can participate fully. Having two monitors also helps as staff can watch the trainer whilst performing the same actions on their own computer. The trainer can take a peek at what people are doing if they get stuck too. And if staff are working from home, don’t worry - we understand that sometimes staff need to answer the door, deal with a mischievous pet, or a child who desperately needs a snack at that very moment!

Staff sometime worry that it will be hard going attending an online session all day, so we purposely build in plenty of breaks. We can also deliver a whole day's training over two half days to help out with this.

We have lots and lots of experience of delivering training online as well as in a classroom so have honed our delivery styles to ensure it works really well.

We can even help your staff learn how to use Teams themselves to run meetings or deliver training.

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