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Microsoft Skills Builder Course

This one day course is aimed at people new/fairly new to using computers or for those who wish to build their confidence in an office environment.

Delegates will need their own/work computer or laptop.

The course will typically cover the following areas. The amount and depth covered on each will vary but this can be tailored depending on delegate requirements. Please speak to us to arrange what works for you.


  • How to be more productive with emails, the calendar and tasks

  • Email etiquette/email safety

  • Arranging and using folders for storage

  • Sending and responding to meeting requests


  • Browsing the internet

  • Sending links

  • How to stay safe


  • Creating a basic document, letter or poster/sign

  • Formatting documents

  • Printing, saving, editing letters

  • Using spellcheck

  • Adding bullet points


  • Creating and editing a simple spreadsheet

  • Entering data

  • Creating basic formulas

  • Creating a chart

  • Sorting and filtering data


  • Joining a Teams meeting

  • Chats with colleagues

  • Using the calendar


  • Creating basic PowerPoint presentation

  • Adding text and images

  • Running the slideshow

For more details please contact

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