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How do you feel about XLOOKUPs?

It’s a bit geeky, but we have to ask…. “Are you an XLOOKUP convert yet?”

As much as we love VLOOKUPS, and who doesn’t (for those who already use them!), there are times when a VLOOKUP will just not work.

As we know, the first column of the second dataset needs to contain the data which is in common with the first table and sometimes this just does not work for you in the current layout. One of the benefits of an XLOOKUP is that you can base your lookup on any column of the second set of data, not just the first column.

An XLOOKUP also makes it easier to look for exact matches or nearest match. This is the equivalent of choosing either false or true in the traditional VLOOKUP. Another benefit is that you can return more than one column at a time rather than performing many VLOOKUPS on your data.

Do you love XLOOKUPs? Do you prefer the traditional approach? Let us know!

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