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BREAKING NEWS: Employees Treated for Severe PowerPoint Envy!

Someone said to us recently that the reason they had attended PowerPoint training that day was because they had PowerPoint envy and wanted to be cured of this terrible affliction!

You know the kind of thing…. You’ve been asked to present to a group of your colleagues, but you know that your presentation never feels as sophisticated/professional/impressive (delete as applicable) as the colleague who presented last month.

So, our treatment for PowerPoint envy is to come on one of our training sessions and suffer no more. We’ll teach you (and you your colleagues, if you like) lots of excellent but often underused features to make your presentations stand out. For example, we love the Zoom Summary feature (nothing to do with Zoom as it happens), and animating graphs and SmartArt really engages the audience. And that’s just for starters.

Of course for every PowerPoint envy sufferer, there is another person who has succumbed to death by PowerPoint, which is perhaps an even more serious affliction. Luckily we can help with that too. Contact us (no obligation) to find out how.

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