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VLOOKUPs CAN work for you!

Here’s one for the VLOOKUP geeks only!

Hmmmmmmm. What do you do when you want to create a VLOOKUP, which as you know needs to have a unique identifier in both sets of data in order for the VLOOKUP to work most effectively. So what do you do if you do not have a unique column?

We can show you how to create a unique column by joining together different cells for that data. For example, you might want to join the first three characters of someone’s first and surname and then join it onto their date of birth which means that you have in effect created something fairly unique which you can use as an identifier.

So, if you thought that your data will not work in VLOOKUP, we can help you manipulate your data so that it will!

We love helping people solve problems where the current arrangement of data just will not work for you and often means that you will have to resort to doing much manual manipulation. We have got lots of experience of finding quicker ways of doing things that ordinarily would take hours.

Let us help you too!

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